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About Deborah

Deborah is an Ethiopian born photographer who's been living in Austria for more than 30 years. She has spend her life in many different places such as the independent state of Samoa, Middle East and Africa. These precious times of her life strengthened her curiosity for people and culture.

In 2016 she decided to switch a 9 to 5 desk-job for a freelance position to focus on documenting moments of life and and capturing memories. As a dedicated Leica photographer you will barely see her without her M.

Her passion for portrait and street photography are the results of many, many opportunities she has missed to capture in the past. All these will remain in her memories but from now on she will share these moments of memories with anybody who want's to see what she could see through her lenses.


*Diploma of Photography & Design 

*Master of Media & Communication (University of Klagenfurt, Austria)

Awards & Selection:

  • 2017 DotArt Urban Photoawards & Exhibition - Selected Winners

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